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What the best food mix?

Hey everyone!

So Iv spoke to a few people and collected what they use for their mice. But I always like to hear from as many people as possible and have the most possible options.

So what do you feed your mice and what do you recommend.

I was thinking about feeding JR Farm Feast For Mice, mixed with Science Selective Mouse pellets. Oh and fresh fruit and veg as like treats on top?

Would this be okay? (Iv not had mice before lol)

Thanks :D


  • _superwolf_superwolf Legacy
    Posts: 153
    Personally I use a home made mix with ingredients from Rat Rations (it's the same mix that my mice had in the rescue, and they seem very happy on it), with a couple of shop bought mixes swapped in once or twice a week just for variety. My mice get on very well with the JR Farm Feast, and if I were to switch entirely to a shop bought food it would be that one.

    I have plenty of the Farm Feast going spare - if you want to try before you buy I could send you a few hundred grams? :)
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    We've ended up mixing a few mixes, but ratrations number 7 is one of them :) (The rest are reggie rat, Johnsons rat and mouse, science selective mouse, science selective rat and harrisons banana brunch rabbit food. We do use different quantities of each food in our mix though and we considered the JR farm one but bad past experiences with zooplus stopped us in the end.)
    So far it seems to be going well for our mice and while the mix has had the odd change its been exactly this for a while now with no problems :)
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