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After looking into (and remembering) the right diet for Mice, I am wondering if suppliments are nessasary. My Mice have come from a home where they havent had the right diet, just rabbit food. They both have minor health issues and im concerned that they seem to be moving in an 'elderly' manner.

Would giving the suppliments help balence what they have missed out on so far?

Also do you use suppliments normally when giving a shunamite diet and which is the best one to get?

Thanx in advance :)


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    Im not sure about suppliments but rat rations sells a lot of things on there site. Word of warning this site has amazing toys and food so you might end up spending more than you planned ;)
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    Because our mix is mostly commercial ones and just has some from ratrations added in we don't use vitamin supplements daily, but we give the Dr Squiggles Tiny Animal Essentials as a weekly treat (its a treat because we either put it on or in other treats). Tiny Animal Essentials is a powder to go in/on wet food, Daily Essentials is a powder to mix in the drinking water (we have that too, but only use it for two hamsters with health problems).
    So far none of our mice have had any issues linked to diet or vitamins so what we're doing seems to be working :)
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