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Food food food.

Hi all :D

As some may know, I live in Singapore (it's really hot right now, haha random info) and the food selection here isn't great. It's pretty decent for hamsters but there's nothing for mice/rats. Most people who have mice feed them hamster food but IMO the brands they choose aren't even of good quality.

So I'd like to ask, in the event that I do come across mice needing to be fostered, what do you suggest I feed them?

For a reference of what types of food we do have here, here's a list of online stores.
Munchkin pets

If you think I'm better off making my own mix, please leave some advice on how to get started! I already use an organic seed mix for my hamster but I'm not sure if mice can have it.

Thank you!
*sorry if there are any typos. looong day at work.


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
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    I think the main problem with mixes designed for hamsters is that the protein content is usually too high for mice. What are the ingredients of your organic seed mix and do you know what the protein content is?
  • _zany_toon_zany_toon Legacy
    Posts: 592
    Sorry Leily, had a terrible weekend with the mices, I never got a chance to check up on my food stuff for you. I'm hoping nothing will go on this week so that I can check it all for you.
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    If its any help I've just gone off on a hunt and found that zany seemed to reccomend 5% fat in one thread, although I'm still hunting for fibre and carbohydrate figures... I think/hope I have a good idea what I'm doing, except for needing those figures before I can do much lol
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    Sorry, just checked back at my notes (I have two and a half sides of a4 paper just of food notes lol) and apparently I got that wrong. I've noted down 4-5% fats so that'll be what zany said in the post I found earlier :) If I had any sense I'd have saved the link but I didn't think of that lol
  • _zany_toon_zany_toon Legacy
    Posts: 592
    Thanks Kyrill :)

    If I get a chance at some point I will put together an article with the links and figures I've found, I just don't seem to have much time just now!!

    Anyway, Leily, I found the fat requirement (carbs apparently aren't counted now as mice wouldn't naturally have any in their diet if they were having a true wild diet) :) 5% - Although it states mice can "grow" on 5 to 40% fat in their diet, they point out that higher levels seem to increase chances of some tumours (not that it will make too much of a difference if mice are prone to them anyway.)

    Fibre isn't something that I can find anywhere in research, but it is marked in this diet ( as being around 3%. I did save links from my research a few years ago, but it looks like they have moved or are outdated :( I have set my excel database as being 3% or a little lower for an ideal range though, so that does seem to match what I found in that diet.

    As for the rest (protein, what's in my mix etc) , I had a look for my post -

    Hope that helps :) But please do start a thread asking everyone what is in their mix it will give you a lot more ideas on what you can do for a mix and what to use. I can then sticky it so it's easy to find for everyone (I'd feel terrible starting it myself and then turning it into a sticky :lol: :oops: )
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    No problem, we've decided to seriously look at a shunamite style mix so I needed the figures anyway :) Yesterday was research and getting a good idea of what we're doing, today I'm creating a spreadsheet to do as much of the maths for me as possible (it was great seeing that you use one, shows I'm not the only one that mental lol)
    In the end for fibre I looked at the mixes we currently use and got an average from that, it came out at about 5% but if you use 3% then I'll discuss and think and go from there... We'll see :)

    I'm a bit nervous about this (we're still living with some of the consequences from thinking a hamster mix was good when really it seems to have been dangerous) but am fairly confident I can get it right - loads of others do so its clearly got to be doable :)

    And sorry for interrupting leily but your thread has been a huge help for me too, thanks for posting it!
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    I'm not sure myself as we're still new to trying to make a mix thats not just using shop bought foods (and once I'm done with forums I'll be off to fiddle with my spreadsheet until hopefully we get figures for our mix), my own info came from zany_toon apart from figuring out how much fibre is in our current mix so I'm leaning towards using completely what she said to be honest. She's got way more experience of this and its ok for her mice so will hopefully be ok for ours.
    Our current mix is a big mix of shop bought stuff and averaging the fibre from that probably wasn't the most scientific idea - it was just the only way I could get any sort of figure at the time.

    We have a pile of ingredients, a spreadsheet full of info and a good few hours free so hopefully we'll have a mix sorted for our mice by the end of the day. We'll see though...
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