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Are these foods okay?

I'm new to mice and wonder if what I'm giving is okay, would be grateful for advice and to know if what I'm feeding is what's best for the girls please.

I feed science selective mice and because it isn't a grain but more like a biscuit I also have a bob martins, natures nibble grain and honey stick hanging in their cage. I've got bob martins egg biscuit bars too and have access to crickets and wax worms, although wax worms are fattening to reptiles and frogs, so I haven't given any to the girls ATM.
Do I still need to give them chicken for the occasional snack or will the crickets suffice? I currently kill the crickets and offer them with my fingers but should I just put three in the cage to let the girls catch them themselves? My main concern is that crickets can nip and I don't want the girls noses nipped at any point.

I just want to make sure I'm not giving too much 'junk' food and also don't want to compromise their health by giving too much of a good thing.
Thanks for any advice and do say if there is anything I'm doing wrong. :)


  • _Artistwolf11_Artistwolf11 Legacy
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    Mealworms are the same as wax worms, right?
    Well, if they are, they can be fed three each every day. They are healthy for them :) Mice are omnivores and do eat crickets and stuff in the wild, but I hate to say it but... Fancy mice are kind of slow to catch on sometimes. I would feed dead crickets and mealworms, but of course you can just try it and see what happens :)
    Sorry I can't really give you answers to your other questions. Could you maybe tell us what the crude protein level is in the food, and what the ingredients are? Or give us a link with that information on it?
  • _Artistwolf11_Artistwolf11 Legacy
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    So obviously I know nothing about wax works... So I won't be advising you on that :lol:
    As for the food, it all looks good... Just make sure that the first ingredient isn't corn or some other filler (look for ingredients that say 'meal'. I'm not sure if corn is okay for them, but I err on the side of caution and look for not first ingredient corn.) I'm sure your little buddies will enjoy eating with you (I almost said eating you... LOL!) :nom:
    Haha yeah... Maybe when the mice are really enjoying eating the dead, you can try some live (eating the dead.. That sounds weird!!)
    No problem, but again I'm no expert so try asking around or waiting for a more expert opinion on wax worms and stuff.
  • _Fredamouse_Fredamouse Legacy
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    Thanks for your reply, I've read not to give those choccie drop and yogurt things and the treats are grain, although they've hardly touched the one that's hanging in their cage. They all love the egg biscuit though, oh and I gave then a few tiny pieces of cooked chicken tonight but only Jackie Brown has eaten it so far, sitting in her little coconut hammock nibbling away, so cute. :love:
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    Our mice love the mouse science selective, we only ever bought it because they loved it so much it seemed worth it (we first had some because Trick and Treat were on it before we got them and their old person gave us the rest of the bag).

    You can give the mice lots of seeds and stuff, ours like millet, linseed, lentils and loads of other stuff too :)
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