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What do I feed my new mice?

I am going to get two mice this week. They are around 5 weeks old and i am not quite sure what to feed them. For my main feed i have been thinking about a product called Peters Mouse and rat feast. I haven't seen it in a pet store yet, only on an online store so i don't know the nutrition facts. Is this good for mice? Also I will give them a small amount of safe fruits and vegetables or millet sprays every second day. :) Is this a good mouse diet? A picture of the food will be below :nom:


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    It's not a mix I've ever heard of. I did a google search and eventually found a website that listed the ingredients and protein content There appear to be both vegetarian and meat lover versions but I'm not familiar enough with some of the ingredients to give advice.
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    Thanks for finding the info Ann, I had left the thread open to find them myself but ended up having to nip out before I had a chance.

    Unfortunately I'm with Ann on this one... I don't think I've ever even heard of some of those ingredients so I can't really offer any advice :(
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    Until a few days ago we mixed a few shop bought mixes, altogether it was Reggie rat, Johnsons rat and mouse, harrisons banana brunch (rabbit food), ratrations no 7 complete mix, science selective mouse and science selective rat. Now we've just changed to a mix we make ourselves thats science selective rat, harrisons banana brunch and seeds, human cereals e.t.c (its based on the shunamite rat diet and part of the reason we changed is the sheer number of mice we own)
    Some of the foods I listed are probably better than others but mixing them worked out well for us :)
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    I'm glad my post helped, good luck deciding what to feed your mice when you get them :) If you're unsure you could always ask the shelter what they feed and consider starting with that then going on to other foods later if you want to
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