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Johnson Vit-min

Just wondered who used this for added supplement to water? And how often you use it.


  • _zany_toon_zany_toon Legacy
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    Mod note: I've moved your thread to Food and nutrition as vitamin usage is related to these.

    Sorry Aqualife, it's one I used to use but I can't remember how often :oops: If I remember correctly I used it once a week, but I'm really not sure :oops:
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    Not sure how much help it is but we use the Dr Squiggles tiny animal essentials (the one fed as powder on food) and our mice all love it. I've no idea why they love it so much but its so popular we've stuck with it despite upping the amount of times a week they get added vitamins (it used to be weekly, now its daily so using the one for in the water would probably be more practical to be honest - we do have both too)
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