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Food mixes.

Hi all!

I would appreciate some home-made mouse mix recipes as I am unable to get most of the commonly used mouse mixes here in Singapore. However, recently I have discovered that I can purchase from viovet so a recommendation from there would work as well!

Please post pictures of the mix if you have them as well! Thank you :D

Also, what treats do you feed your mice? What are some popular favourites?


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    We base our mix around the shunamite rat diet but I don't really want to give the recipe as its still being adjusted as we go at the moment, I suspect it will probably often gradually change over time to be honest. Our new girls (being collected in less than a week now!) will just be on science selective mouse for a while when we get them (I'm pretty sure its what the rescue is feeding them) and then they'll be slowly changed to the same mix as the others.

    As far as treats go I think the mice seem to be like people - the less healthy it is the more they want it lol. Our treats are mostly shared with the hams too so we have tons of them and the mice do appreciate most things but malt paste, honey drops and dried coconut are probably the top three favourites. We we prefer to stick to giving them the slightly healthier seeds and stuff most of the time and they do appreciate those too :)
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    The only other food on viovet we've tried is this -
    That was part of our mix for a while and worked quite well, everyone ate it all anyway :)

    Yeah, the treats are all the stuff you'd give hamsters e.t.c too I think. Malt paste is something usually sold for ferrets I think but mice adore it :)
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    I think its entirely up to you to be honest, we've never fed it on its own so I'm not sure how good it is but three of our girls had just that before we got them and they were fine. Two others always just had the science selective on its own and they were fine too though - its thanks to them that we buy it, it was so popular we figured we may as well start feeding it :)

    If you're feeding a commercial mix then you won't need to supplement. Supplements are just because home made mixes generally don't contain all the required vitamins, minerals e.t.c so supplementing makes sure the mice get them anyway
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