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Hartz Living World Classic Mouse Food

Is Hartz Living World Classic Mouse Food a good brand of food to feed mice? That's the only brand available at my local pet store.


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    I did a quick google search but I couldn't find a list of ingredients or what the protein level is.
  • I looked too and can't find it either :(
  • Thanks for the link :)

    I'm definetly not an expert in mouse food but it looks relatively ok to me, the fibre is a bit high but the protein and fat seem ok and thats good :) That said there are ingredients in it that'd make me hesitate namely cane molasses (according to a quick google it seems to be about 50% sugar so its something I like to avoid when I can) and Orange Oil (I'm sure I've read that oranges are meant to be bad for mice).

    So... I'd avoid it but I'm in the UK and the choices avaliable do allow me more room to be fussy with my pet diets
  • Makes sense to me, I hope the mice like it :)
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