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Can mice have cat food?


Does anyone know if its OK for Mice to have wet cat food?

My ratties used to have an occasional little tin or sachet of either Applaws or Alma Nature cat food, and they loved it :nom:
I wondered if anyone knows if its also OK for mice to have it?

I know that mice can get upset tummies much easier than rats, so that's the only thing I'm wary about.

An example of the ingredients is....
Applaws Chicken and Rice: 75% chicken breast, 21% chicken broth & 4% rice.


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    I've only ever tried my mice with dry cat food and because it was so high in protein, I only used it with nursing does. I think the high protein level would be the real concern so you'd probably only want to give them a tiny bit. Let us know what the mice think as it could be a good food for sick mice.
  • _NuttySian_NuttySian Legacy
    Posts: 358
    Mine have wet cat and dog food, and baby food.
    They're fussy compared to the hams though and only eat it if it's been frozen! Very handy in the heat though.

    I spoon it into ice cube trays, then pop them out into a tub to save space in the freezer, and they get one or two "cubes" (depends on how many are in the cage), once or twice a week.

    Haven't had any upset tummies and have used several different brands.
  • _Wheels_Wheels Legacy
    Posts: 10
    Thank you both for the good advice.

    I tried them with a lovely sachet of Applaws Chicken and Rice and they covered it with bedding and then completely ignored it! :roll:

    I will try the freezer cube idea next and hopefully they will like that. Little monkeys :)
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