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Own Food??

Hey Guys,

Getting my first 4 mice on the 22nd of this month and I have been trying to find out what I can feed them, I have read multiple websites and I'm finding it rather confusing as everyone says a different thing :-/

How hard is it to make up your own mix of mouse food? As I have read some people make their own.

I have read numerous places that mouse food is often not suitable...not sure why it's all so confusing. I have heard that most people feed hamster that suitable?

Any help would be appreciated as my mind is boggling.


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    Ah yes it's a major topic of conversation - suitable food for mice.

    Basically, mice do well on a variety of grains and seeds with a little bit of animal protein. Mixes made for rats are generally suitable for mice but hamster mixes contain too much protein. You can easily make your own mix but it's not all that easy to calculate the correct protein level and that's why people can be nervous of going down that route.
  • If its any help my attitude at first was to try and find a few decent mouse/rat mixes and mix them together. Then I crossed my fingers that it'd be good enough :P Worked well for us for a while but now we have so many mice we've started making our own mix - I just have a handy spreadsheet that does all the maths for me lol
  • _totalreject_totalreject Legacy
    Posts: 15
    Thanks, I will start by trying to find some decent mouse mixes then will consider my options depending on how well the mice do on it :) Is that spreadsheet accessible online at all? It would be interesting to have a look at it :wiggle:
  • I'm afraid its not, I designed it from scratch on my laptop and there're only two copies - one on my laptop and a backup copy on one of my memory sticks. I could send it via email but until I'm more confident in our mix I'd prefer to not give exact details of it. I suppose I could email a copy of the spreadsheet without details of specific foods but then it'd be a lot less help I'm afraid (if you want a copy with the foods removed then just pm me an email address you want it sent to). In the spreadsheet the only thing I ever edit now is the quantities of individual items, then I can see what difference it makes to the mix as a whole and keep adjusting until I get things right :)

    I got most of the info I used to make my spreadsheet from this forum, google and a book called the Scuttling Gormet which is all about rat nutrition but is handy for mouse nutrition too :)
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