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I have a popcorn machine this makes popcorn without using oil or anything.Would it be OK to give Boo and Pumpkin this as a treat?


  • _Kipperbo1_Kipperbo1 Legacy
    Posts: 38
    As long as it is unbuttered and unsalted, your mice will love it!
  • _Nicky_Nicky Legacy
    Posts: 0
    Thank you. Yes I will let you know how it goes down.
  • _Nicky_Nicky Legacy
    Posts: 0
    Pumpkin and Boo loved their popcorn I only gave them a little but even pumpkin who is very shy got very giddy and started popcorning (excuse the pun ) and ate it from my hand. Just thought do you call it popcorning when mice jump for joy like you do with guinea pigs ?
  • _Nicky_Nicky Legacy
    Posts: 0
    Pronking that's a brill name love it lol
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