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Homemade mix

Ok so I've been feeding my mice JR farm mouse food, but I make up my own mix for my rats. It consists of a fruity rabbit base, mixed low sugar cereals and dog kibble usually James Wellbeloved or Wafcol. I mix it up 6 parts base to 3 parts cereal to 1 part dog kibble. They also get some varying ingredients which are different at each mix like some seeds or a bag of pasta or some dried veggies and herbs etc.

I was thinking about trying my mice on this mix, but splitting off the basic mix from the rats one when it was made up (as the rats get garlic powder in theirs) and adding some different extras. Maybe wild bird seed, small macaroni pasta, mealworms etc?

What do you think? And anything else that would be good to add to it?


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    That certainly sounds like a reasonable diet for your mice, although when I was using a rabbit mix I found my mice wasted a lot of it. If you're adding bird seed and mealworms you might want to lower the dog kibble content as those three items can be quite fattening altogether.

    Your low sugar cereals might already include puffed rice but if not, that's one thing my mice love (the Kallo organic stuff).
  • _zany_toon_zany_toon Legacy
    Posts: 592
    Your suggested mix sounds good to me :) All I would watch for is the protein level, mice need a little less protein than rats I think :) And I completely agree about what Ann has said about the Kallo organic puffed rice - mine go nuts for it :)
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