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Good mouse treats?

Can I please get some ideas on what would be a good (yummy!) treat for a mouse? Iggy is doing so well learning to hop in my hands and crawl up my shoulder and I'd like to reward her for things but so far haven't found anything she'll take from me. She won't take sunflower seeds like Jerry does. Can mice actually have little bits of cheese? LOL Thanks!


  • _superwolf_superwolf Legacy
    Posts: 153
    Mealworms (you can get them at the supermarket or pound store for feeding birds), pumpkin seeds and plain dry noodles all work for me as things they can take from your hand. :)

    If you want things to scatter in the cage then seeds of pretty much all varieties go down well, as well as nuts and berries. :)
  • _NoCheesePlz_NoCheesePlz Legacy
    Posts: 0
    Mine are bonkers for sunflower seeds, but they also like Cheerios--do they have those in the UK? If not, maybe rolled oats with a dab of molasses to stick them together? I've also given them pieces of high quality dog treats and they quite liked those.
  • The only really popular thing I can think of to add is dried coconut, ours all love it :)
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