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Food Bowls

What type of food bowls are best for mice? I've seen a lot use the mason type bowls, some use plastic etc. What is the best shape to go for?

I know plastic when feeding cats can cause them to have acne, and I predominanlty use mason bowls for my dogs food. They also like bowls that are oval so they don't bend their whiskers back. For the fox, mice outside I have the double kitty plastic bowls.


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
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    I use plastic food bowls for my mice. One of my old mice had a near disaster with a ceramic bowl. He managed somehow to end up underneath the upturned bowl and must have been stuck there for some time before I noticed. He wasn't strong enough to lift it off himself. Some people choose not to use bowls at all and just scatter feed.
  • We use small round plastic bowls for our single male mice (and most of our hamsters) and big round ceramic cat/dog/rabbit food bowls for the mouse groups. They're so heavy the groups have never moved them, let alone turned them over but I must admit I'll be watching them more closely after reading Ann's post...
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