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Water bowls and Bottles

As I'm a complete novice with rodents, please bare with me for the silly questions:

What is best for watering ones mice? I know with bowls they can get it dirty or have a splash about but some still use those along with the bottles.

For the bottles, do they need to be like rats ones (NB I don't know anything about rats either), that are made of metal so the mice can't chew them. Oh and what size is best for mice?

I presume the bowl/bottle or both need to be changed once a day when you feed them, or is it better twice a day?

Lastly, do you need to add conditioner to take away the chlorine (I keep fish so know a bit about that)?


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
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    I generally prefer water bottles as my mice would tend to fill a water bowl with bedding and once that had soaked up the water I'd worry that they might go thirsty before I could fill the bowl again. In hot weather I might refill the bottle more than once a day and offer a bowl of water too. And with new mice I always use what they are used to initially.
  • We tend to use bottles, but if they were using a bowl before we'll give a bowl and a bottle for a while until we're sure everyone can use a bottle properly. I've never heard of anyone adding chlorine to mouse water, we just give them tap-water (but ours do get a vitamin supplement in it because we make their food mix ourselves and the supplement reassures us that they're getting all they need in their diet).

    These are the bottles we use and we use either the 75ml or the 150ml ones, which varies from cage to cage.
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