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Feeding Human Food

We have a lot of things like cucumber, butternut squash etc, and I was wondering what I could give the mice? Can they have the seeds from a butternut squash raw or do the seeds need to be cooked etc? The resident field mouse, (over wintering here), is putting her paw down in disgust that I am not giving her the bits she should have. She has begun to plan to dig (POW style) into our compost bin.


  • _superwolf_superwolf Legacy
    Posts: 153
    Human foods my mice are partial to:
    - cucumber
    - spinach
    - carrots
    - cooked rice and pasta
    - pizza crusts
    - cereal

    Obviously don't go overboard, as vegetables can give diarrhoea and too much pizza will make them obese! But my mice get a scrap or two when I'm having something they'd like. :) Steer clear of cow's milk, chocolate, cheese or sugary foods, but otherwise a lot of human foods will be enjoyed by mice. :)

    I'm not sure about the squash seeds, but if they're anything like pumpkin seeds then I'd dry them out in a low oven, just to stop them going mouldy, and then they should be fine for them (and you!) to eat.
  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    Mice can certainly have cucumber and it's especially useful to provide moisture on hot days. I would imagine that butternut squash seeds are ok, as pumpkin seeds are definitely ok. I think the ones I buy are cooked.

    Ah yes, the compost heap will be lovely and warm for your little wild mouse (a bed and larder in one).
  • _PresqueVu_PresqueVu Legacy
    Posts: 788
    Just a quick point to this thread, in case you've not yet seen it: Good/bad food list for mice
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