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Home made mixes

Hi everyone

We bought 2 female fuzzy mice for my little boy a couple of months ago, we have fallen for them so much my daughter is getting some tomorrow :)

At the moment they are fed on a mouse mix from zooplus, however there are quite a few nuts in there which get eaten first and then they leave the other bits. They were on science selective mouse food which are quite big plain looking biscuits but they weren't impressed.

I used to feed my rats a home made mix based on the shunamite diet - a mix of rat food, dog kibble, sugar free cereal and dried pasta. Could I feed our mice this? I offer them fresh food but they arent really interested in fruit and veg, they love cooked pasta, crackers and cooked chicken as well as nuts and seeds. Is it a problem if they dont eat much fresh fruit and veg? I'll keep offering it though for variety



  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    Only one or two of my mice liked the Science Selective food too although if I broke the biscuits into smaller pieces they'd eat more of it. My lot also turn their little noses up at fresh veg and fruit so I don't bother offering it any more.

    Yes you can make a home made mix, quite a few of us do this and you might have some ideas for new ingredients for us to try too so let us know how you get on.
  • _Cegriffy_Cegriffy Legacy
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    Thank you

    I have offered them all sorts of fruit and veg and they generally leave it! They like dried fruit and banana chips as a treat, dog biscuits (tiny bonio ones) and puffed rice.

    I will try some different base food and see how we go. I am a little cautious about offering dog kibble because of the protein content.
  • _Cegriffy_Cegriffy Legacy
    Posts: 0
    Thanks everyone. They love millet spray.

    I've just done them a mix of science select rat food, remaining mouse food, dried pasta, weetabix, couple of plain rice cakes (they adore these) and various seeds plus a small amount of dried fruit - they had a great time sifting through it all, picking a bit and then running off to hide it! They really are the most adorable little things.
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