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Mice and mushrooms

:twisted: Whilst on a visit to the zoo recently I saw a keeper feed button mushrooms to their naked mole rats.
I always want to give my fancy mice a varied and interesting diet so .. my question is ...
Is it Ok to feed fancy mice mushrooms ?? .. would they like it? .. it is safe? - Naked Mole Rats enjoyed it, so will my small fancy mice or should I avoid giving my pets such food ??
I'd be very interested in your thoughts.

Thank you



  • _superwolf_superwolf Legacy
    Posts: 153
    I've wondered the same thing myself... will be watching this thread for answers!
  • _BusyMouse_BusyMouse Legacy
    Posts: 374
    If it helps, I've found a lot of info on mushrooms, like this:

    Re: Fat Mouse
    ... be the best thing you can do for her. As long as she doesn't continue to gain - She what she is, and will just be more to love is all. Liver, mushrooms are perfectly healthy for mice. Mushrooms are a super food, and liver has all kinds of good stuff in it - plain cooked, baked, fried, boiled...however ...
    Re: Fat Mouse
    ... is a little sparse. Thanks for advises. Soy isn't popular here (GMO products are oficially prohibited in my country). Are you sure about liver and mushrooms. Are these product good for mouse liver and stomach? Boiled? About routine. For example one of her favorite places is the upper floor of this ...
    e: Fat Mouse
    ... these foods help a lot with thyroid issues: sea vegetables (seaweed), such as hijiki, wakame, arame, dulse, nori, and kombu. liver, spinach, mushrooms Avoid Soy products. This also may be indicative of a Autoimmune Disease...That is something to ask your vet about. In the meantime - What ...

    cranberries, ---OK if peeled - Although, often they taste bitter and mice won't eat them.
    guava, ---OK
    mango, ---NO (mild citrus acidity present)
    mulberry, ---NO
    brussel sprouts, ---OK
    bell peppers, ---OK
    hot peppers like jalapenos, ---NO. BIG NO.
    mushrooms (human edible), ---OK ?
    tilapia, ---OK
    tuna, ----OK (Be careful using too much fish though, if they ingest too much mercury they can get sick - Salmon and poultry is much better for them then tuna or tilapia)
    hibiscus, ----NO
    honeysuckle flowers, DEPENDS ON VARIETY - I would say NO.
    chamomile, NO
    petunia, NO
    watercress, OK
    Are dried fruits and veggies ok (dehydrated myself- no added seasonings, salt, sugar, or preservatives)? Yes, dried, freeze-dried, steamed, boiled, baked - all safe to feed mice.

    The 'fat mouse' convo isn't the only one I found, the list would be long, but mushrooms are always included in 'healthy for mice' (as long as they are such which are edible by humans also!)
  • _Lee_Lee Legacy
    Posts: 4
    Thanks for you help everyone..

    Just to report back that, after trying a few sliced uncooked mushrooms in the food pot, my little friends absolutley love them and it doesn't take them long to shread it into tiny bits ..

    So that's one question answered then .. Mice .. alt least my mice .. love mushrooms ..
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