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Deedee and Moomoo may be developing poor eating habbits

I try to feed them a balanced diet each day so every day they get two bowls of food at the same time.

One bowl has the nutritional balanced diet Pellets like maybe Lab biscuits but they rarely eat any of this stuff.

The other bowl contains some vegetables such as a combination of fresh carrots, okra, celery, and broccoli. I used to give them apple but they ignore it. This is what they like to eat every day.

I'm concerned that they should be eating those balanced pellets but they just throw them out of the bowl or cover that bowl with their little wood blocks as if to say....POISON! DANGER, KEEP AWAY!

I also give them plenty of hand fed treats such as nuts, seeds, cheerios (a favorite), peanut butter (they do headstands for this), and popcorn.

I'm tempted to just take away all food sources including treats for a week to force them to eat the pellet food but I don't want to be that mean to them. Any ideas what I should do? Would they be ok just eating the vegetables and treats? Any other food ideas I should try? Can they eat Tuna fish in olive oil that comes in a can? I eat lots of this but I'm afraid to give them something that might hurt them.

I've only had them for 4 weeks so I'm a beginner at this and I am a bachelor who does not do much cooking so I don't think feeding them some of my frozen dinners is a great idea either.

Thanks in advance.


  • _superwolf_superwolf Legacy
    Posts: 153
    What country do you life in Nicky? If you're in Europe, I'd really recommend the JR Farm Feast for Mice from Zooplus, as being healthy and well-received by my mice. :)

    It does sound like you're feeding them too many treats if they're not eating their regular food, but equally if they won't eat that at all then you wouldn't want them to starve! All the treats you're giving them are fine and even good for them in moderation, but I'd cut back on the peanut butter especially (they love it I know, but it's really fatty and best kept as a very rare treat), and only give them a little of the nuts and seeds (plus I recommend scattering the seeds or wrapping treats up in paper, to make the mice work for their treats a little).

    If you're really interested, then a great book to read is the Scuttling Gourmet - it's targeted at rat owners, but is still very useful for mouse owners interested in making their own mix.

    Also, if you live in the UK I'm happy to send you a few samples of the food and treats I use, to test out on your mice? :)
  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    Maybe it would be worth changing from a pellet style food to a muesli style mix? I must admit my mice also ignore the more boring things in favour of more exciting stuff (they aren't daft, they have us wrapped around their little paws).
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