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Healthy weight gain food for Violet?

Violet had her check up and is doing pretty good - but she has been losing weight. I've been giving her her medicine mixed with malt paste, and feeding her as many treats as she likes, as well as giving that cage a little extra food (her cage-mates are Dolly and Grace, both of whom are a healthy weight). Is there anything I could be changing or doing extra?

I don't like taking Violet out of the cage too much as she finds it quite stressful these days, so I can't feed her separately to the others. So what extra treats should I scatter in the cage that will give Violet an extra boost, without being too unhealthy for the other two? I've got plenty of nuts and seeds, and can order in anything that might be helpful.

I feel I should note that I do think Violet is getting to the end of her journey, but I'd like to help her keep up her quality of life right till the end. :oops:


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
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    Walnuts and egg biscuit always seems to go down well here and although I hesitate to offer the mice rich tea biscuits because I feel they aren't a healthy option, a number of my mice who I thought were nearing the end have positively thrived on a diet of rich tea biscuits for several more months.
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