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I've seen them mentioned quite a lot on here, so I decided to take a look and their food mixes look pretty decent. However they're made for rats and not mice, but I was wondering if any of their complete mixes would be suitable for mice alone?


  • _AnnB_AnnB Legacy
    Posts: 161
    I haven't personally used RatRations but I know that plenty of mouse owners do so I'm sure someone will be able to let you know the best mixes for mice.
  • _BaggyMousers_BaggyMousers Legacy
    Posts: 0
    I buy all my foods from Rat Rations and make up my own mix. My mice are absolutely huge and flourishing from it!

    My mix is:

    2 scoops of - Whole barley, groats, whole wheat, flaked peas, cut maize and linseed.
    1 scoop of - Dari, Buckwheat, hemp, safflower, pinhead oatmeal, mixed millet, rolled oats, rapeseed, rice and mealworms

    Take the mix above and put 4 scoops in a box. Add 4 scoops Hamster Gerbil mix from Rat Rations.

    They love it and it has everything they could need vitamin wise in. I like to supplement their diet with healthy treats too, a favourite from Rat Rations is the dried green beans and Scratter Mix.

    I love buying and trying all the treats on that website!!
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