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Female fighting

I would like to hear your opinions and some advice on my problem.
I have 4 female mice, 2 are my older girls and the other 2 are mother and daughter. I started the introductions of both groups and 2 weeks ago I was able to put them together in the same cage. Once in a while they would argue about who's the boss, but there was't any blood or real wounds, and in the last week things have been more peaceful.
The problem is that now 2 of the girls (one of the old and the mother) decided to fight, and fight for real. After some separations and reunions I found that the mother was the one causing trouble with the others so now she is in a different temporary cage.
My plan is to make a division on the big cage so I can have all the girls living there without fights (the cage is big enough for that, it's a Savic Zeno 2).
I would like to know your opinion. And Do you think I will be able to reintroduce the mother to the others in the future?


  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
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    Welcome to the new forum.

    I certainly think it's worth another attempt at introductions. How did you do the initial intro?

  • MuntchkaMuntchka Lemming
    edited April 2015 Posts: 42
    Thanks you. Usually I'm not very active on forums but I will try to be on this :)

    When they were in different cages I put the cages near so they could smell each other, and I switch some of the toys between cages. And I did the introductions a little by little in neutral territory. When they were fine being together for a long time in neutral territory, I put them together in the same cage. This was actually a new cage, I saved it without any mice until I could put them together, so this cage was also neutral. All the hammocks and ropes were new and the things that weren't new were all well cleaned.
    In the first days I could hear some "discussions" while they were figuring out who would be the leader, and the old ones were teaching the youngest some manners, but nothing too rough. They never made wounds or draw blood, and they would still sleep all together and clean each other.
    By the second week together they were already quiet, and the old ones get along really well with the youngest, but apparently the mother - Mrs. Tittlemouse - decided that she wanted to be the boss after all, and started picking some fights. And finally my oldest, bigger, and leader - Frankie - got tired of that and start fighting back. The result: Mrs.tittlemouse got wounded and I had to separate her from the others.

    I will leave her in a different cage while she is healing the wounds and after she's OK I probably will try to reintroduce her. I know she doesn't like to be alone, so maybe during this time she will see that is better to have company, even if she's not the boss.
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    Would it be worth leaving toys out of the cage when you put the mice in this time? When we've done intros we've added toys to the cage quite slowly afterwards to be as sure as we can that everyone is still happy and settled before we add more new things.
    Currently one of two pet-humans of some hamsters (syrian, roborovski, chinese and russian hybrid), mice, mongolian gerbils and a duprasi :)
  • MuntchkaMuntchka Lemming
    edited April 2015 Posts: 42
    Thank you @kyrilliondaemon I will try that :)
  • MuntchkaMuntchka Lemming
    Posts: 42
    An update on my girls
    So, 2 of my girls were fighting really bad and I had to separate them.
    I really wanted the 4 to live all together and I notice that the 2 trouble makers were only fighting when they were in the big cage. Because they weren't fighting outside I decided to put them in a different/neutral "cage" (a big laundry basket really, I don't have a collection of cages) and see what happened. In the beginning they weren't fighting but they weren't very friendly to each other.
    After 2 nights without any fight their behavior was changing and I could even put a wheel with then. they didn't fight for it. That was a good sign!
    When I finally put them with the others in the big cage there was some tension but I could really see a difference in their behavior. Frankie was much more tolerant and Mrs. Tittlemouse knew when to avoid fights :)
    Now I'm so happy to tell you that they have been together in the big cage for almost a week without fighting. Not even a small fight. I hope it continues this way :D
  • MuntchkaMuntchka Lemming
    edited May 2015 Posts: 42
    It's really difficult to take a picture with the 4 of them at the same time, but here is a picture with 3
    Mintaka on top
    The white is Frankie
    and the small one is Speedy
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  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    Posts: 1,068
    That's such great news that they are getting on well now. Great pic.
  • Posts: 529
    I'm glad they've started to get along better now :)
    Currently one of two pet-humans of some hamsters (syrian, roborovski, chinese and russian hybrid), mice, mongolian gerbils and a duprasi :)
  • NickyNicky Mouse
    Posts: 820
    Really glad they seemed to have sorted out their differences .
  • zany_toonzany_toon Mouse
    Posts: 631
    That's fab news that they are getting on better :D I'm so glad you persevered :D And that photo is fab  of them perched on the end of their egg box that way :D
  • MuntchkaMuntchka Lemming
    Posts: 42
    It really is a relief.

    about the photo :)
    Mintaka is the only who stays still for some seconds without any food.
    She's an explorer, specially after running away and discovering there is a whole living room outside the cage and playing table, but she's also the only one that stops to lift her nose and smell and observe what's around her, and that gives me a few seconds for a nice photo :P
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