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Hi Everyone! ^_^

Hi guys!
I went a bit quiet on MaN for various reasons although I did check back in occasionally. It's so nice to be back, especially on the new forum where I can catch up with old friends from MaN and spam you all with my hamsters :P
Hope everyone's okay :D


  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    Posts: 1,053

    Glad you made it to the new site. I'm looking forward to the "ham spam" =))

  • Posts: 529

    So... When'd we get a nice thread showing off all the hams? I need more Loki pics in my life :D
    Currently one of two pet-humans of some hamsters (syrian, roborovski, chinese and russian hybrid), mice, mongolian gerbils and a duprasi :)
  • CritteryCrittery Overlord
    Posts: 274
    Hallo, great to see you over here! :)
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  • superwolfsuperwolf Mouse
    Posts: 311
    Good to see you here on the other side! :P
  • NickyNicky Mouse
    Posts: 820
    Hi :-h
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