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Introducing Cocoa, my new rescue mouse

Hi everyone, glad I'm on the new page.
As u may know my mouse Casper died n I've rescued a 2yr old mouse name Cocoa from primrose mouse rescue, he was at the rescue months n nobody wanted him so I've adopted him, I don't care that he's a old chap, I just wanted to give him a good home, I've had him a week today n he's settling in just nicely, he loves his food especially malt paste, meal worms and mouse popcorn, he's such a lovely mouse
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  • CritteryCrittery Overlord
    Posts: 274
    Wow, he's a handsome chap! Glad he's settling in well, lucky to have found each other
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  • superwolfsuperwolf Mouse
    Posts: 311
    He's gorgeous, and I'm glad you two are getting used to each other ok. :)
  • NickyNicky Mouse
    Posts: 820
    He is lovely. I have a real soft spot for 'Oldie' animals.
  • supamouse87supamouse87 Mouse
    Posts: 174
    Thank you, he's such a great mouse, I love him lots already
  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    Posts: 1,053
    He's adorable and you're a star for giving him a wonderful home.
  • supamouse87supamouse87 Mouse
    Posts: 174
    Awwww thank you, he's just had a new wooden play house delivered he loves it
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  • MuntchkaMuntchka Lemming
    Posts: 42
    He looks so chubby and cute :)
    You did a great thing, he may be old but at least now he will be able to live the rest of his life in a loving and caring home
  • supamouse87supamouse87 Mouse
    Posts: 174
    Awwww thanks, he is a big chubby mouse lol, he's so sweet and friendly, he's adorable n he's being spoilt but he deserves it
  • Posts: 529
    He's lovely, I'm glad he's settling in well :)
    Currently one of two pet-humans of some hamsters (syrian, roborovski, chinese and russian hybrid), mice, mongolian gerbils and a duprasi :)
  • kpottakpotta Lemming
    Posts: 16
    So cute!!
  • zany_toonzany_toon Mouse
    Posts: 631
    :) Well done on taking him in supamouse, a lot of people wouldn't have taken on an older boy :) He is gorgeous, and I'm glad he is settling in so well :)
  • supamouse87supamouse87 Mouse
    Posts: 174
    Thanks, he's such a lovely chap, just bought a 20kg bale of hemp for him, will last a good while
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