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Breeding question- males

For anyone that breeds intentionally here, what do you do with the males? Do they have to be neutered in order to stay together? I was thinking in the future, it might be nice to have one litter, and keep all of them (gender separated of course) as a family. Neutering is not an option though, as it costs wayyy to much to have it done here, and the vets say they prefer to not even do it at all. But if the males cannot live together from birth through adult, I guess I'll have to stick with getting girls from a pet shop, or adopt if possible. 

Living in North Carolina, USA with 1 Syrian hamster, 3 Chinese hamsters, 4 mice, 2 rats (and 2 cats)


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    Males can sometimes live together through their lives but they're kinda like hamster pairs/groups - you always need to be able to separate them into singles if they start to fall out
    Currently one of two pet-humans of some hamsters (syrian, roborovski, chinese and russian hybrid), mice, mongolian gerbils and a duprasi :)
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    Thank you Kryll. :) Why can't we just all get along? lol I contacted a couple breeders that I found somewhat in my area in hopes of just getting some girls in the future. I love Jerry, but the girl groupings are easier, as long as they don't have a falling out themselves. Especially since neutering males is not an option. I would love to get a tan mouse. They are so pretty! So are the light grey ones. Ok, lots have neat patterns, but all I ever see are black and white. 

    [edit] Got a response from one of the breeders. She's not selling because the ones she got from another breeder have died at an early age so she's monitoring them for the cause. 
    Living in North Carolina, USA with 1 Syrian hamster, 3 Chinese hamsters, 4 mice, 2 rats (and 2 cats)
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