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How many mice are suitable for this cage?

GeorgiaRoseGeorgiaRose Lemming
edited April 2015 in Cages and Environmentals

I couldn't add in an image for some reason...Rosewood Pico XL Silver Hamster Cage

How many mice do people think would be suitable for this cage? Dimensions are 47cm tall, 50 cm wide, and 36 depth. Used the cage calculator and it said 26. Need a better evaluation please :mrgreen:  :D

thank you for any help I can get



  • PandaPanda Lemming
    Posts: 19
    It's hard to say with a cage like that based solely on size, because the existing ramps and shelves would make it difficult to set up the cage in such a way that you would be able to properly utilize it.

    If you were going to take the shelves and ramps out, there are other, bigger, better cages for that price.

    But I'd say if you took the shelves out and used the space wisely you could keep a pair or trio, but IMO bigger is most definitely better :)
  • GeorgiaRoseGeorgiaRose Lemming
    edited April 2015 Posts: 11
    What would be wrong if I left the shelves in? Just curious- thank you for your help   *-:) :))
  • PandaPanda Lemming
    Posts: 19
    It only my opinion, but from past experience with cages of that style :)

    The ramps and shelves take up quite a bit of room in the cage, but if you look at them they don't have much usable space on them to put toys etc for the mice and they're laid out in such a way that there will be a lot of wasted spaces you can't use because of the awkward shapes.
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