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My mice have learned how to drum!

I don't really mean like Phil Collins or Cozy Powell, more like a woodpecker or a rabbit I suppose.

When I clean the cage out I wash the plastic shelves that form the floors in their cage and being rather lazy, rather than dry them thoroughly I just cover them in shredded paper to soak any excess moisture. Over a period of time I've noticed that this irritates the mice immensely as they prefer to have their paper on ground level. They do the usual thing of gathering up bits of paper in their mouths and placing it elsewhere but recently I've noticed a new habit developing. They push mounds of paper to the middle of a shelf where the shelf is most bendable (away from the bars) and then with their front paws they start pounding on the shelf until a noisy vibration develops and the mound of paper topples over the edge.

Several times now I've heard this racket and thought something awful had happened.



  • superwolfsuperwolf Mouse
    Posts: 311
    X( That did make me laugh Ann!  What dafties. :P
  • NickyNicky Mouse
    Posts: 820
    Lol the clever little things x
  • Posts: 529
    lol thats kind of awesome... Well done them!
    Currently one of two pet-humans of some hamsters (syrian, roborovski, chinese and russian hybrid), mice, mongolian gerbils and a duprasi :)
  • zany_toonzany_toon Mouse
    Posts: 631
    Oh dear, now you have a band forming X( That did make me laugh Ann :P
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