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I've had pinkies :)

JupitarJupitar Lemming
edited May 2015 in Breeding
On mice are nice, I asked if my mouse was acting like she was pregnant. Turned out she was just fat and she was actually a boy. Pixie (the male I thought was female) kept fighting our other male Player 1 so we separated player 1 because he seemed to start the fights mostly. Even though Player 1 was separated, Pixie still lived with the 2 other females, Jupitar and Eve. Not so long later Jupitar and Eve became pregnant and it was obvious. That is when found out that Pixie was actually a buck. Anyway Eve had 4 pinkies and Jupitar 2 days later gave birth to 6 pinkies. 

We have 10 Pinkies all together and I want to know where is the best site to sell them (Iv'e already been on preloved.) how to sell them, how to know if people will be good owners and not cruel, should I sell them at 6 weeks old youngest? 

Please any mouse breeders give me some advice, thankyou 


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    Wow, I'm sorry you didn't find out Pixie was a buck sooner. Gumtree may be another place to post an ad for the pups but it may attract the same sort of people as preloved. Maybe ask the new owners questions before agreeing to sell them any pups?
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  • JupitarJupitar Lemming
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    Thank you, I'll check gumtree out
  • JupitarJupitar Lemming
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    Mice is nice.
  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
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    Oh my goodness, what a surprise.

    It would certainly be wise not to let them go to new homes until they're at least 6 weeks. You can ensure they get the best start to life and are thriving before you let them go.

  • MuntchkaMuntchka Lemming
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    When I was in that situation I let the babies with their mother until they were completely weaned (just remember that the males have to be separated at 4 weeks) and meanwhile I found a nice home for them.
    I believe this is the best solution for both sides. The babies have much more possibilities of growing healthy and have a happy life, and you have the possibility of watching them grow, which is amazing and very fun at some point. :)
  • CritteryCrittery Overlord
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    When I've had to find homes, I did fine that got better people overall than gumtree or preloved. You can ask people about what vet they are registered with, and what cage they intend to use (and a photo of the latter) as I find that really helps filter out people. If they can't be bothered to answer these, then the attitude towards the pet isn't likely to be the one you want. You can also encourage them to join up here X(
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