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Switching cages again?

I just moved my mice up from the Kios to the Skyline Tilo the other day, thinking it would be the best for all of them (Dolly's been getting a bit chubby, so might get a bit more exercise, Cookie and Popcorn are young and love bouncing about, and Grace is always up for an adventure).  But now I've just had to help Grace who'd got her foot stuck, twice within a few minutes, on a fleece hammock and hanging basket which I'd always considered safe for them.

I'm worried that she's been looking/acting a bit frail, and if she'd be better off in the Kios after all, where there's less height to fall from if anything happens.  She's always been really nimble in the past, but I think she must be losing strength in at least one of her back legs, as it just seemed to be caught on nothing.  She still tries to climb about just as much as before, but I do think she's at more risk of hurting herself.

So should I adapt the Tilo to make it safer for her (which would be tricky, especially with her catching her feet on the hammocks), or do I move the group back down to the Kios, which will probably make the other three grumble?  I can't think of any other solutions off the top of my head, but if anyone else can then please let me know! :)


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    All I can think of is loads and loads and loads of shelves and ramps in the tilo and given how tall the cage is that doesn't sound practical :(
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  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
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    I had to stop using fleece hammocks with older mice because once their claws have grown long, they do seem to catch them on things. In my case it was just a question of adapting the accessories and using hammocks made of a different material etc. so that might be worth a try before you downsize them again.
  • superwolfsuperwolf Mouse
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    Thanks both - I'll have a think about adapting the bigger cage, as it does seem to be making the other mice very happy (I must get a video of Cookie leaping about from toy to toy - she's like a little monkey!  :\"> ).
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