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Protein in mouse food

Today I would like to share an small article with you. It's about human diet but it's based on a research made with mice. 

I find this very interesting because ever since I got mice I started to read what I could find about their food. And it's "funny" how, although the community of mice owners and research shows that mice should have around 13% protein on their food, most food mixes or pellets for mice have 16% 18% or sometimes even 20%. And it give me the chills to hear people telling me "oh I know about mouse food! At the pet store the clerk told me all about how protein is very important for mice"
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    It was an interesting little article Muntchka :) I did post about some similar articles and research regarding mouse protein levels on the old forum, but it appears that the post I made about the research into mouse diets hasn't migrated over to the new forum :( I don't have the links on this computer, but if you search google for mouse diets there is some research on the impact protein has on their growth rate. From the reading I did when i first started making my own foods for my mice the protein range that seems best for mice past the growth stage seems to be 13 to 15% which can also help reduce tumours - not that it matters too much when so many mice are prone to them anyway :( Protein levels do need to be higher for baby mice or (I think) for pregnant mice - but not to high as it can lead to the babies growing too much in the womb and result in birthing problems :( As a side note, I also found out recently that very old mice also need lower protein. My mouse Houdini had to have his dietary protein level reduced below 13% when he reached 3 as he developed hot spots.
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