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Pus leaking from bottom

I've just found a strange swollen gland on my little boy Fennel's bottom, his actual bum hole is leaking yellowy pus as well. I've been away for a week so I couldn't be certain that it is a more recent development but he was definitely fine before I left. I'll obviously be taking him to the vets ASAP, but meanwhile, what could this be? Do I need to worry or is it a case of, simple infection, will clear up with baytril? And has anyone had this before? I've dealt with plenty of tumours and coughs, but no pussy bum holes. (it doesn't look like a tumour it looks swollen) My poor little man.  :(


  • BaggyMousersBaggyMousers Mouse
    Posts: 215
    Im thinking it's probably an abscess but it's such an odd place is it not? The swelling is below his bum and yet pus is leaking from above the swelling from his anus? 

    I have a little baytril lying around, should I start him on it tonight?
  • BaggyMousersBaggyMousers Mouse
    Posts: 215
    And there anything I could have done to prevent this abscess? (if that's what it is?) Does the place of it suggest anything? Am I doing anything wrong that could have possibly made him unwell? Due to Wally being very thin and sick at the minute a lot of treats have been going in, peanut butter and malt paste and a biscuit pieces and pasta. 

    Should I wash his bum as well? Dab it with warm cotton bud? 

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  • BaggyMousersBaggyMousers Mouse
    Posts: 215
    Ok this really is the last one from me....i've just had another look at him now and it's his balls that are swollen, and it's strange because he is obviously neutered and so his balls have since, been flat and disappeared, but they are up and bulging...
  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    Posts: 1,028

    I'm sorry not to have seen this sooner but yes, I think I would get him on some Baytril as a precaution. I would also gently bathe the area with a saline solution.

    I was going to suggest maybe it was his anal glands but the more of your posts I read, the worse it sounded so I would definitely get a vet's appointment.

    I think I remember Nicemice (one of the members on Mice Are Nice) had a neutered boy who developed a swelling and it turned out to be a hernia but from what I remember, it didn't require any treatment. I don't recall any mention of pus though.

    Finally, I don't think it's anything you have done.

  • racingmouseracingmouse Mouse
    Posts: 1,308
    I missed this somehow so apologies Baggy. How long has he been neutered? It may or may not be related to that but the vet you see should give you more of an idea what the cause is likely to be. You will probably be prescribed Baytril. It may just be swelling from inflammation that will go down again with antibiotics IF it is infection and not some bodily change going on. The discharge...well again, this could be infection or coming from inside his bowel/intestines. Hope he`s okay. x
  • CritteryCrittery Overlord
    Posts: 274
    Hope you get on okay at the Vets, and absolutely it won't be anything you have done. Fingers crossed for him x
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  • NickyNicky Mouse
    Posts: 820
    Hope all goes well x
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