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Dry crusty tail!

One of my little girls has a very very dry and scaly tail, compared to the others it's very noticeable. She was the runt of the litter and has always been a lot smaller than the others, at least half the size. 

What is this?!


  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    edited August 2015 Posts: 1,047

    I had a mouse with a similar tail problem. I think the vet mentioned dermatitis (I'll try and find the original thread) but my poor mouse ended up losing the end of his tail. The vet suggested I moisturise the tail and that seemed to work quite well.

    Edit: I found the original thread but it looks like my post on the vet's visit is no longer there.

  • BaggyMousersBaggyMousers Mouse
    Posts: 215
    Thanks Ann, do you have the picture so I can compare? I can take a picture of my ones tail if you can't. Dermatitis sounds about right...i thought when I felt and looked at it that it seemed like she had eczema. It's a bit flaky and also...very hairy? It's not smooth anymore, it's furry. 

    Any non scented moisturiser be ok? I have a Vaseline coco butter one as well as simple baby lotion? 
  • racingmouseracingmouse Mouse
    Posts: 1,327
    Hi Baggy. You could try cheap Vitamin E capsules from the local chemist? Pierce one and use the oil from the capsule? Vitamin E is good for the skin, as is olive oil. Neither should cause any issues if she washes her tail. I would apply it using a cotton pad or ball gently. Baby products like baby oil might be licked off, so I would choose oils that will help moisturise, but won`t cause harm if ingested. x
  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    Posts: 1,047

    I just used a baby lotion.

    Here's a pic.

    Tail resize.jpg
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