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Stopped eating and covered in injuries

I'm very, very worried for Jupiter. She has Stopped eating and she's gone very skinny. When I hold her she feels so weak. I use Wagg hamster gerbil mouse munch but I don't think the food has anything to do with it as my other mice are all very healthy. She also has injuries on both of her ears, the top of her head and her neck is hairless and swollen. She does live with her sister, but I've never known them to fight.

Please help me, what should I do? I really don't want to lose her!


  • CritteryCrittery Overlord
    edited August 2015 Posts: 274
    Is she drinking okay? Do you have some soft foods you can offer? I found scrambled egg did well for poorly ones when they weren't eating - its worth having a check of her teeth to see if things are okay there. Re the injuries, could these be from mites/scratching?

    fingers crossed for her!
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  • JupitarJupitar Lemming
    Posts: 22
    Yes she is drinking, I've notice that her water bottle is emptying a lot more than usual. I will try scrambled egg and when I first got my mice I gave them boiled rice for a treat. Would rice be okay for food or should I keep that as a treat. When I check her teeth to see if things are okay, what should I look out for exactly? And I don't think she has mites but recently during the summer, flies have been getting trapped in her cage but if it was the flies that's been causing her the injuries wouldn't also effect her sister? Maybe the sawdust I use is too dusty but I buy pet friendly saw dust from pets at homes. Should I stop using the sawdust that I use? And if I should then what should I use? I want to make a safe environment for her until she gets better. Please help I hate seeing her the way she is now.
  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    Posts: 1,051

    How old is she?

    It might be worth trying a paper bedding to see if that helps but as she's off her food and losing weight as well as having sores, I would think it's more than an allergy issue.

  • CritteryCrittery Overlord
    edited August 2015 Posts: 274
    Just with teeth if they might be overgrown or misaligned I think. Sometimes they can grow in the wrong direction, or be overgrown if they've lost interest/been too poorly for chewing. It's usually pretty clear if anything has gone wrong there. I've not tried boiled rice, although cous cous was always popular!

    As Ann said, it sounds like multiple things are going on so until you work out how to help it's best to concentrate on making sure she's getting enough water and food to keep her going. How bad are the injuries?
    Exotic rodent husbandry and rescue;
    Resource website for rodents and small mammals;

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  • racingmouseracingmouse Mouse
    edited August 2015 Posts: 1,333

    Hi Jupitar. How are things going? The injuries could be either from her cage mate or self inflicted. They will live on WAGG food but it`s not really the best food on the market. If I`m honest, I think some hamster food mixes are better than the ones made for mice as there are not many made specifically for mice. Mixing a variety of foods together to give variety is better than sticking to one mix alone. It could end up lacking in many ways as mice become bored with it and if they don`t eat it all, they won`t get all the goodness it contains.

    We have to be aware of what the mice are eating and her it`s enough to sustain them nutritionally. You could look at Burgess Supahamster food which is around 18% protein and also Supreme science selective mouse biscuits and also add some canary seed mix,dry porridge oats, chopped up nute (in small amounts) and also look at a few fresh greens like garden peas, cress, grated carrot and add a few rice krispies and corn flakes as these contain some good vitamins and also vitamin D.

    As for the sawdust, well mice really shouldn`t be kept on shavings or sawdust. There are some good alternatives like Fitch, Supreme Cosi n Dri and the paper based substrates. Flies should be kept well away from the mice as they land on faeces and all sorts. They could lay eggs in the shavings or contaminate food. I`m like a mad woman if a blue bottle or a fly comes in as I chase it around until I nab it!

    Look at the diet though as this sounds as though it could do with an overhaul and let us know how Jupiter is? x

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