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New home for Mabel and Eric

My neighbour asked me if I could take an old mattress to the tip for her the other day which I happily did for her, only for me to come back from the tip with another cage.

For the bargain price of £2.79 (all I had in my pocket at the time) I acquired a ferplast Mary. It has had a repair to the base and is well chewed in places but for older and infirm mice, well, its perfect.

So today I moved Eric and Mabel into it . Mabel has a lump on her side which will soon mean the inevitable will have to happen. I am so gutted about that. She's such a lovely natured little girl and is a great companion to Eric. Eric is getting on a bit now, he's well over two and is getting doddery. He spends a lot of his time sleeping these days. But anyway I thought it would be nice if these two had the extra space for whatever time they had left :\">
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The Pink Paw Gang are back in town! 2 mice, 2 hamsters, 1 guinea pig, 2 springer spaniels, 1 sprollie and 1 sprocker. Is this what you call a multicultural house :)

Remembering my gorgeous boy Griffon, my cheeky Merlin, my beautiful Womble, the handsome Mr George and my 'grumpy' old man Buster

Run free Lilo, Meeko, Stitch, Molly and Davey (hamsters) Zelda, Princess, Ninny and Link (rats) and Squeak (guinea pig)

Playing at The Rainbow Bridge are Wooster, Baldrick, Sir Edmund, Parker, Daisy, Poppy, Lily, Rosie & Fleur, Mitch, Alex, Pyscho, Tango & Cash, Little Misses Trouble and Mischief, Coco, Cookie & Hazel, Lilley & Tilley and Ernie, Pete, Strawberry and Shortcake and Mr & Mrs Mabel & Eric Mouse

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  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    Posts: 1,053
    What a good find. It must have been your reward for doing that good deed for your neighbour.
  • racingmouseracingmouse Mouse
    Posts: 1,333
    Oh well done, a wee bargain! :) It will certainly pay for itself over time, that`s for sure! x
  • NickyNicky Mouse
    Posts: 820
    Yes well done that's a great bargain.
  • zany_toonzany_toon Mouse
    Posts: 631
    Bargain :D That was a fab find Alison, and I'm sure that Mabel and Eric must be enjoying the extra space for all their toys :)
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