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Round belly and something by both eyes

One of the new girls has something flesh-colored by each of her eyes. She is squinty (brought home yesterday) and I noticed when zooming in on a photo that there is a fleshy small bump above each eye. (first picture) Second picture is of her roundish belly. I am told all 3 are the same age (3 months) and I checked genders and they all appear to be female. She is larger and rounder than her dove sister. Think it's just a genetic thing? 

Living in North Carolina, USA with 1 Syrian hamster, 3 Chinese hamsters, 4 mice, 2 rats (and 2 cats)


  • racingmouseracingmouse Mouse
    Posts: 1,327
    Hi Poms. The eye looks a little inflamed around the outer edges but if it isn`t bothering her, I would just keep an eye on it for any signs that it`s irritating or the eye starts to close more. It could be something starting or it may be something that won`t become anything more than what it is. The second image, I can see nipples? So female. :)
  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    Posts: 1,047

    It looks like she may have been scratching a bit near her eyes, I think I can see some missing fur. I can't see a bump but perhaps if it's the same on both sides, it's a whisker follicle that has become more noticeable due to the missing fur in that area?

    Improved diet and dust free bedding now that she's with you may help or it may be a mild infection which you could initially treat by bathing with a saline solution or treat with antibiotics if it gets any worse.

  • pomtreezpomtreez Mouse
    edited January 2016 Posts: 57
    Thank you both! 

    When I zoom in on the picture of what looks like missing hair, it looks like a raised bump. It's interesting that there is one in the same spot above both eyes. Whiskers follicle does make sense. 

    I don't think the store has them in poor conditions. They had them on Carefresh (though I do find that dustier than Kaytee) and a lab block food, but not sure which. They are on Oxbow now though. 

    Oh and yes, I had no doubt she was female. lol She certainly looks like it and I was able to check the other 2 as well while they were climbing on the bars. :) My only concern was if they had a male in with them at any time recently as I've seen a male mouse in with a group of 20 females before at Petco, but Petsmart is better with the animals. However, they did accidentally get 2 male Chinese hamsters at their all-female store and offered them to me for free. lol I already have 3 so I had to say no. 

    I am thinking she may have had a litter recently based on her roundish belly and can tell where all the nipples are. She has the same shape as my girl Iggy who vet recently confirmed upon examining that she had a litter before I got her as well. Iggy's nipples are also prominent whereas her Sister's were not noticeable at all. 
    Living in North Carolina, USA with 1 Syrian hamster, 3 Chinese hamsters, 4 mice, 2 rats (and 2 cats)
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