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Do Mice KNOW?

So this will be the longest my group of mice have been together and with Pecan being very ill it will most definitely be a sad day for me. But will my mice feel it too? I know thats an odd thing to say but I'm almost certain Mini, (Pecan's daughter) is acting strange. She will not leave his side and I'm sure she is bringing him food offerings. The others are staying close to him too. 

I've never seen this before with any of my others but as i said these lot have all been together a long time now, and Mini is very close to her dad anyway. 

I've just seen her propping up and making a little home for her dad. Breaks my heart <3


  • zany_toonzany_toon Mouse
    Posts: 631
    I'm pretty sure they do Georgia :( I've had a few who have refused to leave the side of one that isn't going to be here for long, and it's heartbreaking to see it :( I have had a few recently - including Enid and Tilly from you who refused to leave the nest when Gilly suddenly became paralysed. Afterwards they refused to come out of bed at all - and Gilly had also been like glue on the two elderly neutered boys she lived with and wouldn't go anywhere without them in the run up to them going to the bridge :( I had a boy in the past as well - Nestle - whose brother, Bourneville, kept taking strokes. Nestle used to make a bed around Bourneville and only come out to get food for them both. I could tell when Bourneville died in his sleep as Nestle was sitting out on the cage door waiting on me and he hadn't done that in weeks :(

    I don't think it's something they all do, but it does seem to depend on how close they are. I like to think it's their way of saying to their friends and family that they are going to miss them but they understand they need to go. I'm sorry that you are facing this just now with Pecan :(
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