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Wanting a baby girl for a pet - Berkshire

hi all,

I would very much like another pet mouse and am having difficulty locating one locally to me. I am based in Wokingham, Berkshire (RG41) and can come and collect within a reasonable distance. Happy to pay for a young mouse so I can tame her (I hand reared my previous mouse).

I have all the equipment, food etc and am ready to go. There is a little mouse shaped hole in my heart since my Miguel died, please help me find a new pet?



  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    Posts: 1,051

    Hi Jane and welcome to the forum.

    I'm sorry to hear about Miguel. I had a dear little mouse called Miguel too from Mickelmarsh Mouse Rescue and I think they may have some young girls at the moment. They're based in Bristol but it's always worth enquiring in case transport can be arranged. Here's a link to their website .

    Male mice often fight so it's more acceptable for them to live alone but female mice are very sociable so should be kept as pairs at the very least, or larger groups.

    Another rescue that may have mice at the moment is Furry Friends in Surrey

  • racingmouseracingmouse Mouse
    Posts: 1,333

    Nice to see a new member, welcome. I`m sure there will be a few mice out there waiting for your care and love Jane so keep looking. Was Miguel your very first mouse? AnnB is right though about females preferring company, although you do need to make sure they ARE females! Single males can become such characters and companions too, but obviously you may have a preference. Nothing wrong with that.

    Let us know how your search goes. x

  • tooties64tooties64 Lemming
    Posts: 2

    Thanks for your responses, I'll take a look at the rescue websites. I am hoping to get a young one (or a few if they can live together, that would be great!)

    Miguel was my first mouse, my dog caught her when she was very small and brought her into the house. I picked her up thinking she was dead and she moved, so I put her in a box overnight expecting her to die. By the next day I was drip feeding her kitten milk (I think she was weaned already but v young) and after a couple of days bought her a cage. She ended up losing one eye so I never felt it was fair to release her back into the wild. I only found out after she'd died that she was female, hence the boy name! I believe she was a field mouse but was very tame and lived for nearly five years!

    Someone I knew had 3 male mice once but they fought and were constantly marking their territory and absolutely stank! Whereas Miguel (a girl) never smelt bad, even when I was due to clean out the cage.

    I never thought I'd miss her this much!  

  • racingmouseracingmouse Mouse
    Posts: 1,333

    What a lovely story tootsie and you obviously had a wild mouse as a pet! Which now makes sense why she was on her own. She was with you for a good while and I can sympathise with your losing a little companion. Have you considered exotic species of mice? Perhaps because you had a wild mouse (albeit she was tamed eventually) fancy mice may or may not be to your liking if the smell is something that could become an issue. Female mice can have a smell too and although males scent mark more, females still have that urine smell too. Harvest mice (males) can live alone but they are very fast! Multimammates are more like mini rats, but are usually bred as feeder mice and are not as easy to keep as they can chew out of a plastic cage but they love to climb, so an all metal cage might be difficult to find or construct. Glass tanks can be used, but I`m not sure they would thrive in a glass tank personally.

    Just a thought. I don`t know a great deal about these other species of mice as I`ve only kept fancy mice myself, but this forum has sections on these other species to look at.

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