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Unusual Color?


Ive been raising fancy mice for 2 years now, I recently lost my male so I went to the local petsmart and brought home an agouti (?) Variegated male. With my blue longhair female, they had a litter of 6 babies, 2 didnt make it. I was expecting agoutis and maybe black, but after coat started coming in, I have a black self female, an agouti varie longhair female, and 3 what were once black babies, now are fading. They have a white undercoat, and dark tips to their fur. All three are longhair, 2 boys and 1 girl.

I only have a basic understanding of mice genetics, i did some googling and I was wondering if its the chinchilla gene, maybe pearl or silver grey.. any breeding suggestions to reproduce the gene? Should I breed the daughter back to her father? She is a berkshire-has a white stomach with a headspot.

I will try to upload better pictures, but I'm using a smart phone and it keeps saying most my photos i took are too large to upload.

Thanks in advance for any info!
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  • KawaiiKawaii Lemming
    Posts: 256
    You shouldn't be breeding petstore animals, regardless of your  knowledge of genetics, but even more so if you "only have a basic understanding of mice genetics".

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  • CritteryCrittery Overlord
    Posts: 274
    Hi, in all fairness I agree with the above. It's not a good choice to breed from pet store animals, as they come from uncertain backgrounds and you'll have a lot of extra health concerns to worry about. It's really not fair on the animals and will lead to extra heartbreak for you.

    If you are interested in mouse breeding it would be worth contacting a local breeder, planning out what your aims are, and getting some different animals from an ethical mouse breeder to start with. There are other mouse forums that can give you some more information about mouse genetics and websites you can study so you can work out what you are aiming for - but also what the ones are you must avoid.
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  • RagnarokRagnarok Lemming
    Posts: 4
    So no one knows. Ok thanks
  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    Posts: 1,047
    I'm really sorry, I've kept a lot of mice but the only litters I've had were as a result of bringing home a mouse that I didn't know was already pregnant. I've never considered breeding mice as a hobby and I have little knowledge of genetics. Have you tried the breeders forum?
  • RagnarokRagnarok Lemming
    Posts: 4
    I thought i was in the right place as this is the breeding section. I will try elsewhere where the atmosphere is a forum meant for talking and sharing knowledge, not judgments.
  • RagnarokRagnarok Lemming
    Posts: 4
    Oh and I am the only local breeder in my state. I'm sure I'm dealing with the Chinchilla gene, and I have time to do more research myself.
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