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No show for Basil & his three ladies

JonJon Lemming
Well, I put them all together. Basil, his two sisters (all just at the fag-end of their breeding age) and his daughter. They were in for about three weeks and then I took him out.

Not one of them conceived as far as I can tell. Another few weeks down the line and no sign of anything.Eventually I caved in and inspected the girls' nest, but no sign of anything present or deceased.

So... if the older mice are post-menopause and the daughter is infertile, can they all go in together with Basil?
Ask not what your rodent can do for you...


  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    Posts: 1,051
    Difficult decision. I chanced it with an entire male who was over a year old and starting to suffer with OCD scratching, in with a neutered boy and his two girlfriends who were about eighteen months. There were no pregnancies and they all lived happily as one group. I never even saw the male attempt to mount the females. However, Zany had a different experience whereby after quite some period of time, the female or females did become pregnant and then of course there's a real worry over the wellbeing of an older female trying to cope with pregnancy (Zany will be able to tell you more, she only briefly mentioned it on one of my threads when I'd taken the plunge with my group).
  • JonJon Lemming
    edited April 2016 Posts: 147
    Hmm, plenty to think about there. Thank you very much for the advice.

    I think I might try it one more time with him in there and, provided nothing untoward happens once they settle down I will leave him with them. They always seem to get on well.

    They're a funny bunch, these Siamese mice. I adore them but they are very different to other types. Different temperament (almost universally placid), different speed of reaching maturity, even a different (softer) squeak.

    I will see what happens and report back.
    Ask not what your rodent can do for you...
  • MouseLoverMouseLover Lemming
    Posts: 188
    How old are Basil's sisters and daughter? Hope it all works out okay, it's a risky business though!

    (I love siamese mice by the way, always wanted them, so if you DO have an unexpected litter, get in touch ;) X( haha)
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  • JonJon Lemming
    edited April 2016 Posts: 147
    Basil, Velcro and Cheeselet are all just reaching a year old. Dusty, the younger doe is about 6 months. There was also a male pup called Piffle but he had a weak chest and died very young.

    I will let you know if we get any surplus pups. I do mean to breed this type when I can.
    Ask not what your rodent can do for you...
  • JonJon Lemming
    Posts: 147
    I think Basil and his harem must be infertile or past it, or something. They've been in together for months and no signs of pregnancy or of destroyed litters etc.

    This is great for us all because Basil doesn't scent mark when he's near the does.

    Ask not what your rodent can do for you...
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