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Rodent species you most want to own, but never will...

What's the rodent species you are most fasincated by, or most want to own, but never will?
For me, it's the desert gundi, Ctenodactylus gundi....a small sandy coloured caviomorph from North Africa (its young are born fully furred and it's a member of the hystricomorpha suborder so it's a caviomorph). Related to the laotian rock rat, dassie rats, capybara, degu, chinchilla and others. Looks like a guinea pig chinchilla hybrid!image


Why will I never own one?
Well they're not pets, simple as; some  people have caught wild gundis before and brought them to the UK but that's cruel, in my opinion. Besides they  suffer at <15 degrees celsius so can you  imagine how miserable they'd be here!! Besides there is enough species in the pet trade, more than there is suitable homes, and it makes no sense adding more.
Still adorable though. And I DO still want one......well some because they live in huge  colonies of 100+ animals.
Anyway more cute pics. lovelovelove.
Look at its teeny tufty tail  (below!)

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(chins for the win!)

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  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    Posts: 1,036

    Wow, I'd never even heard of a Gundi. I've just googled them and there are some pics of them lying flat out with their legs stretched out behind them, so cute!

    For me there's a whole list of animals. I'd like to have closer encounters with Water Shrews, Sengi and I've always rather fancied having a Wallaby and a Skunk.

  • MouseLoverMouseLover Lemming
    Posts: 188
    Aaaaw they're gorgeous :D  :\">

    I pretty much want every rodent but probably won't end up having many. One rodent I've always wanted as a pet, but never will have is a squirrel. Nothing exotic, I know, but they're just adorable. Especially red squirrels.

    Not a rodent - I know - but I'm obsessed with sugar gliders. But I'm not sure how well they do as pets, because I don't know anyone who has them.
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  • CritteryCrittery Overlord
    edited April 2016 Posts: 274
    A springhaas <3

    South African Spring Hare, but actually a rodent. Crazy lovely things. Don't know of any in private hands in the UK. Am unlikely to ever come across one.

    Would also like a Sengi :)

    Mouselover - what type of squirrel? African pygmy dormice are also known as microsquirrels, you could find those fairly easily. I have southern flying squirrels, I'm also on the hunt for tamiops.

    In terms of the southern flying squirrels, they are similar in some respects to sugar gliders in care/size etc but have a simplier diet. There's a sugar gliders group on fb I can point you at if you are interested? I had a rescue pair for bit, they were interesting but more of a pain than the squirrels!
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  • MouseLoverMouseLover Lemming
    Posts: 188
    Crittery - I was referring to your basic squirrel that you see out and about in the UK, not sure what the official name for them is. I just love them :)

    I have been tempted by African Pygmy dormice before, but have heard that they are notoriously difficult to sex, and I wouldn't really want to end up with an accidental litter. They are absolutely beautiful though, do you rate them as pets? I'd not heard of southern flying squirrels, might have to look into that...
    Hamster: Archie
    Mice: Honey, Violet, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather.
    Rainbow Bridge: Daisy, Peach, Ivy, Penelope, Hazel, Ruby, Clover, Peanut, Minnie, Ginger
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