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New to forum/ new(ish) to pet mice

Hello all! Me and my five female mice are New here, and New to each other. Sorry of this is a long post!
As a bit of background, about 6 months ago i got two female mice and had no idea what I was doing. Through lots of research i learned more about their needs and for them a much better cage, food, lots of toys and began interacting with them more successfully. However one of them had a heart attack and passed away, leaving the other all alone. Not wanting her to become depressed i decided to rehome her and she went off to a lovely home to be introduced to two female's and now they are all the best of friends.
Well of course I wanted to try again so after about a month of just research I built a two level bin cage out of two 105qt bins and the cage pieces as walls and doors to provide ventilation and climbing. Each level has a hide, a water bottle, and a food bowl as well as toys and chews and wheels and nesting material. Then i did more research on food and got browns carnival mix for hamsters as the protein and fat contents were more what mice needed. Then more research on mice behaviors and needs and I looked for a reliable pet breeder and as I was unsuccessful i ended up getting my females from a pet store.
They came home last night and I have left them alone since putting them in their cage aside from keeping an eye on them. I already named two of them, a Brown and white mottled one I named Harley, and one white with a black head and butt i named Sneak. Three more need names, a white/grey with long fur, and two little black girls who are practically identical haha

Well I hope this wasn't too long, i'm big on details.


  • SarahnashSarahnash Lemming
    Posts: 360
    How about Ducati and Indian for the Twins?
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  • NickyNicky Mouse
    Posts: 820
    Hello and welcome. Sorry your mouse passed away.Love the names you have so far for two of your new ones.I'm rubbish at names as it takes me ages to think of any lol
  • HarlequinnHarlequinn Lemming
    edited May 2016 Posts: 40
    I was considering khaleesi for the longer furred white and grey girl, I an not yet sure though. She is visibly bigger than the other four. I asked how long they had been at the store and I was told one or two had been there for a month and the others had been for two weeks so I'm trying to figure out age also. I will put pictures up as soon as I can. The main difference I see in these ones and my first two is that these girls dont seem scared by me being nearby and talking to them. Is that because they are fancy mice vs feeder mice? I know they are the same thing except fancy pet store mice are bred with the goal of being pets instead of food as the feeders are bred for, so maybe the fancy mice are bred for better temperaments?
  • HarlequinnHarlequinn Lemming
    Posts: 40
    I dont mean to double post but I decided to just crop pictures of Harley and Khaleesi that I got last night so they were easier to see. Also my fiance just decided the Twins are Selena and Kyle haha but I still can't tell the two apart.
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  • MouseLoverMouseLover Lemming
    Posts: 188
    Welcome, and congrats on your new pets!

    You'll be able to tell the two "twins" apart eventually. I had 2 black-eyed cream mice who I couldn't tell apart at first, but after a while I could tell whose little face was poking out of their nest :)
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  • HarlequinnHarlequinn Lemming
    Posts: 40
    I can kind of tell now, Selena is slimmer and overall smaller than Kyle so i tell that way haha
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