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Meal Worm preferences/ whimzees(alto?)

Does anyone have any advice on fresh vs freeze fried meal worms? Also any brand's to avoid or that are preferred? I was at the pet store getting food for our dog and figured I would get some meal worms while I was there. I didn't want to get a huge container so I found a .5oz (14g) package of them from the brand Zilla, they are called reptile munchies. Worst case scenario I can give them to my newly adopted goldfish if the meece dont take to them. I just want to be sure I'm getting the best I can for them.

My second question is about whimzees, I had a syrian hamster who adored them but have never tried for mice. So i picked up a little stick whimzee to try for the girls and am wondering if I should just put it in their cage or only give it to them for a certain amount of time or of I should wait until their older? I think they are 6 and 8 weeks old but I can't be too sure.


  • MouseLoverMouseLover Lemming
    Posts: 188
    My girls like the dried mealworms, they're crispy :) I'm assuming by fresh you mean live? I think the live mealworms are probably richer in nutrients, but I think mice are less likely to eat them. Some mice will eat them, others will get freaked out X( But as you say, you can give them to your goldfish or put them out for birds if they don't like them.

    I personally don't see any harm in putting the whimzee stick in their cage :)
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  • HarlequinnHarlequinn Lemming
    Posts: 40
    So i gave them meal worms the night before last and they each had about 1/2 to 1 whole worm. They each seemed to get a kick out of it! My goldfish also enjoyed some worms haha my bettas said no thank(but they prefer frozen or live). It also looks like it have Sneak more energy as today she is moving around more than usual. I think I will give them the whimzee tomorrow or thursday, today i would like to give them a fresh treat.
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