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10g aquarium?

Had anybody used a 10g aquarium to house any mice? Male or female, can anyone share experience or advice? I have 5 goldfish being quarantined in one now that will be moved out in a month and I dont intend to get more fish but thought maybe I could make it a suitable home for maybe a Male mouse? Is this enough space with added levels and toys?


  • Meece17Meece17 Lemming
    Posts: 34
    Hi Harlequinn, from what I've read a ten gallon is a good minimum size for 1-3 mice. Probably best for two females or one male though.

    Males do need a whole lot more attention and possibly more space due to that they have to live alone.

    It also really depends on the animal as well if they need more space or are happy with a smaller enclosure. But as I said a 10 gallon should be plenty of space for around 2 mice.
  • HarlequinnHarlequinn Lemming
    Posts: 40
    I think i would like to try for a Male mouse, but we're talking for the future, like maybe a month or two away. I like to do a lot of research before getting an animal. I also think it would be best to wait until I get more comfortable around my girls and learn more about having mice in general. Maybe I can try the 10g to start but have a bin on hand to make a cage if I get a boy who would prefer more space.
  • MouseLoverMouseLover Lemming
    Posts: 188
    Opinions will vary, but I'd be happy keeping a male in a 10g.

    If you could add platforms/levels and toys to make the most of the space, that would be better. Sometimes when I see people's tanks I feel like people forget to make the most of the vertical space, and mice like to climb :)
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  • HarlequinnHarlequinn Lemming
    Posts: 40
    I love making climbing toys for the meece out of craft sticks! I have a platform I'm working on now for the girl's cage and if I got a boy in the 10g I would make him a lot of climbing options hehe
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