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Baby Food?

I was wondering what type of baby foods are mouse safe? Such as the jar food, I know to avoid onions and I believe leeks? Is there anything else I should look for? Particularly with the puff type snacks for babies, my work sells one that has spinach and kale in it and some that are banana, apple, sweet potatoe and similar types. What things are bad to watch out for and which kinds are good? I think my girls are fairly young, particularly Sneak and Selena, both are visibly smaller by quite a bit than the other ladies. I want to find some good snack/treat type foods for them to provide variety. Of course fresh food is prefered but I would like the have baby food on hand considering there are two humans here who consume the fresh food pretty quickly haha


  • NuttySianNuttySian Mouse
    edited May 2016 Posts: 214
    Like you say, onions and leeks are the main things. I also try to avoid anything that has added sugar.

    Mine tend to prefer chicken/turkey over beef or pork flavoured ones but that might just be them! Mine are also fussy in that they'll only eat it when it has been frozen! They completely ignore it straight out of the jar, warmed up or not, but frozen they love it, it's also handy in the warm weather as it cools them down a bit.
  • HarlequinnHarlequinn Lemming
    Posts: 40
    Oh that sounds great! I have an ice cube tray that has perfect little mouse sized portions I could use if it gets got in the next few months! Thank you for the info I will try to go organic to help and keep an eye out for sugars and onions and leeks.
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