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Concerns about possible pregnancy?/Eating too much?

I'm putting this in health because I don't intend on breeding and I am skeptical as to if I even have a pregnant mouse and because it is also a question on food and eating habits.

So my now 4 girls are going through about 8 tablespoons of their mix every day, is that too much? They have the tropical carnival mix for hamsters and I remove the peanuts and corn and set the sunflower seeds aside for use as treats. They eat everything in the mix and only leave shells. They are also getting meal worms twice a week and fresh veggies or fruit 3 times a week.

The concern about pregnancy could also just be putting on weight from eating/ potentially being in a larger home without the stress of the pet shop life could be allowing them to thicken up a bit. However Harley does look like she might be thickening quickly enough to cause me to pause and ponder. I have spent a lot of time observing them and checking gender and I'm fairly sure all of them are female but I have doubts about the larger black one, I can never get a good view of the underside to see more clearly. Does anyone have advice on how to get pictures so I can post and have you guys maybe take a shot at gender matching?


  • MouseLoverMouseLover Lemming
    Posts: 188
    You could put them in a clear container (such as a clear tupperwear box, or a drinking glass) and take a photo from underneath?

    I'm not sure if they're eating that much because they're pregnant. It does sound like a fairly large amount to eat. But mice tend not to overeat, so if they're eating that much, they probably need that much.
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  • HarlequinnHarlequinn Lemming
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    I have only had them for a little over a week now and haven't seen any major changes aside from putting on weight. I'm wondering if they weren't Fed enough at the store and are not used to having so much food readily available. They seen happy and healthy although since taking their companion away(she had to go to the vet and she passed) two of them definitely seem frightened of me when I come near the cage. I always speak softly and I never Chase them or make loud noises and the other two are not nearly as anxious around me. I might be able to get pictures later today if I can get any of them out of the cage without stress.
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