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First aid kit?

I was wondering if I should keep a basic first aid kit for all the rodents . Mice, Hamsters, Guineapigs, Rats. Any suggestions what should be in it would be most helpful.


  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    Posts: 962

    Good topic, I think ages ago we had a similar thread but I can't find it now.

    I keep a first aid kit which comprises:

    salt to make up saline solution for bathing wounds, cotton buds, anti-fungal cream (Lamisil), mite treatment, syringes of various sizes.

  • NickyNicky Mouse
    Posts: 816
    Thanks Ann that's great.Where do you buy the Lamisil from?
  • NickyNicky Mouse
    Posts: 816
    Just had a look round for the Lamisil found it. So far I have got
    Tea tree cream.
    Cohesive bandage.
    Cotton buds.
    And have ordered some Echanacia. This helps boost the immune system.
    Not got a lot but its a start.
  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    Posts: 962

    Sorry it took a while to get back to you Nicky, that's a great start.

    To be honest, unless you've had a mouse with OCD scratching I wouldn't rush out to get the Lamisil cream.

    One of the best tips I can give is to get your pets used to taking a treat from you, because it makes life so much easier if they take medication on one of their favourite foods.

  • NickyNicky Mouse
    Posts: 816
    Thanks Ann. I had never herd of Lamisil cream and was just curious what it was. Yes your right a about the treat thing. Another good tip I found which works with rats is if you give them a treat with meds in,don't ever give them the same treat with out the meds as they will realise its different.
  • SarahnashSarahnash Lemming
    Posts: 321
    I so agree with AnnB post - get them used to taking 'medication' - treats on the hand or water in a syringe via gentle scuffing. Assume they will need it, hope they won't. I have some shy girls and dread the thought of medicating them.
    Mum to rattie boys Charlie and Bosley.
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  • MouseLoverMouseLover Lemming
    Posts: 188
    I've often toyed with the idea of training my mice by giving them a tiny bit of apple juice from a syringe, fairly regularly, maybe once a week. I'm sure it would make the first medication easy, but baytril tastes so awful, maybe it would undo the training pretty much instantly? hmmm...
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