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Pets At Home - Adoptions

Until this weekend I've always managed to avoid looking too closely in the Pets At Home Adoption section but I was on holiday in Southport and because it was pouring with rain, I was filling my time by browsing in shops.

I stumbled upon the most beautiful hamster I've ever seen in the adoption section but my head ruled my heart and I walked away trying to convince myself that I was supposed to be getting more mice, not hamsters. I stayed overnight at Southport and couldn't resist going back to check on the hamster this morning. Luckily someone else had adopted her so hopefully she's gone to a loving home now as she had no wheel to play on and no bedding to snuggle in at the shop, poor thing.

Anyway, it occurred to me that I don't really know how this adoption centre thing at Pets At Home works. I assume you give a donation but can you give that donation to a charity of your choice after you've left the shop or do they ask that you donate to a charity they have a collection box for in store?


  • racingmouseracingmouse Mouse
    Posts: 1,327
    Hi Ann. I think when you adopt a pet from them, they ask for the donation and all the donations do go to charities and not the store coffers, although I wouldn't know which charities benefit. I would hope they are all animal related. I think the minimum donation is £5.00 but not too sure. My Chubs (Russian Dwarf) came from PAH adoption and he cost £5.00 donation. I still have the wee guy even though he has a flat-type of chest tumour and is now eating prepared food, but he`s still a lively little soul.

  • zany_toonzany_toon Mouse
    Posts: 631
    Stay away from them Ann - it's a slippery slope :P

    Anyway When you adopt you let the store know how much you want to donate. The donation is made to their "Support Adoption for Pets" charity so is run their their checkouts as a charitable donation and (as far as I know) split up between the charities that are selected by the customers in the area where the store operates. The charities vary by region, and anything left over is held in a main account that charities can apply to get grants from to help with their charity work. the Support Adoption for Pets page on facebook often posts what charities they have given grants to and those are all in addition to the local charities that funds are distributed to. Often the instore adoption bits have a poster or sign up saying what charities they have donated to in the last few months and how much has been donated :) So not as simply as putting it in the charity boxes they hold instore (although just to make it confusing the stores all have a tin at the checkouts for the Support Adoption for Pets charity :P ) The animals that you adopt all have separate store paperwork to the ordinary animals that are up for sale, and although the money goes through the checkout it does get donated to the charities :) As far as I can remember there isn't a minimum or maximum donation.

    I hope that helps Ann, although I imagine that I've made my explanation long winded and longer than necessary!!
  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    Posts: 1,047
    Thank you April and Rozlynne, that's very helpful. I'll know what to expect now if I ever go down that route.
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