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A few more questions

Hi guys. I have a baby boy(4 weeks ) mouse and I was wondering if it's ok to leave male mice by themselves? He seems quite happy so I dont really know if he needs a cage mate. I don't want to really give him a female Mate as we don't want babies .and i heard males may fight. He was already getting picked on at the pet store by the older male mice .As a Result some fur is missing .


  • CritteryCrittery Overlord
    Posts: 274
    Hi you can't introduce another male at this point I'm afraid. It is possible to get them neutered if you have a vet you can trust, and then wait some weeks after before introducing girls. However this does carry risks, like any op, and he would have to be older and a good weight to consider this.

    Are multimammates available near you? this is one option to give him company, as they cannot breed and get on lovely. You'd need to get from a decent breeder though, as they can be very nippy.

    Male mice can be happy alone though, given enough toys and interaction so it's really up to you to keep an eye and see what you think :)
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  • racingmouseracingmouse Mouse
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    You witnessed the damage done while he was living with other males when they co-habit and male mice nearly always end up living alone due to their volatile behaviour. So don`t worry about this.

    Neutering (risky due to the size of the mouse and finding a decent vet willing to do it), pairing him with female multimammate mice as Crittery suggested or let him enjoy his bachelor life! Single males always depend on their owners more for company, especially as they age. They can become very social and tame and get into a daily routine. Some of my single males were just so human` in manor. Kinky my first ever male would always come out onto my sleeve and sleep in the corner of my arm as I sat at my laptop. That`s how much he loved being with me and I just adored him.
  • Shaeleneangel23Shaeleneangel23 Lemming
    Posts: 25
    Thank u everyone. :)
  • Shaeleneangel23Shaeleneangel23 Lemming
    edited September 2016 Posts: 25
    Yes racing mouse. I agree . I think he's happier alone anyways :) and being spoiled by mum :) he will be an alone mouse ke teer ha!
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