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Salt licks and yogurt drops

Shaeleneangel23Shaeleneangel23 Lemming
edited September 2016 in Feeding and Nutrition
Hi guys! Just wanting to know are salt licks ok for baby mice. Say 4 weeks old? We got him a corn flavoured one today and he is just fine. Do u guys give your mice salt licks? Is it even nessicary? He is definitely not lacking anything in vitamins minerals nutriotnal value at all . He gets veggies fruits honey yogurt drops and proteins(eggs, cheeses chickens , quality cat treats ) and carefresh complete mouse mix. I'm just wondering if salt licks and yogurt drops are ok for a mouse who's only 4 weeks old . I have heard the yogurt drops are bad for mice but he seems ok with them. So are yogurt drops bad for young mice( 4 weeks old like my baby ) or mice at any age cuz he seem okay and he's had a few ? He had one today and is his happy self . He loves them yogurt drops but please tell me if they are healthy for a 4 week old baby mouse :) . I'm confused if these 2 ( salt licks and yogurt drops that is) are even nessicary or healthy. I've heard many different opinions. Thank you:)


  • AnnBAnnB Mouse
    Posts: 1,053

    Mice are just like children, they love sweet things and will leave all the healthy food in favour of sweet and high protein treats if they have half a chance. Treats are fine as long as you control how many you give him. Picture yourself in his place, a yogurt drop would probably be the equivalent to you eating a chocolate biscuit half the size of your head.

    Sometimes older mice benefit from the extra minerals in a salt lick but I've found that younger mice don't normally pay them much attention.

  • SarahnashSarahnash Lemming
    Posts: 360
    I agree with AnnB and I think like children what we feed at an early age lays down good or bad health foundations in their later months. I recon lose the yoghurt drops and treat with more natural, 'clean' treats. A seed, a small piece of walnut, an oat flake. I think part of the treat is that you are feeding them directly (they are not just eating).
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