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Husbandry question

Could I ask opinions on cage changing?
When I started using the open environment (4 walls of wood approx 12" high but no roof), I used a towel as the floor and changed them twice a week.
I then moved to a glass floor which was part covered in a substrate and changed them weekly.
I then continued with the glass floor and a lot of substrate, a good 3" deep in places and change them every 2 weeks.
This was not just for my convenience but I was forming a idea that Sabrina (itchy scratchy girl) became stressed about various things and 'change' might be one of them.
Throughout the week/2weeks I would spot clean daily, wipe the glass if soiled, change their corner trays where they wee, poo and eat, wash their wheels, change their bedding if wet or too smelly, change their fleece hammock, give them new houses, new cardboard tubes, etc.
My question is - regardless of all the above, is changing every 2 weeks too little? (And I feel I must confess, once due to work pressure I left it 3 weeks).
I am changing today and there is a lot of poo under all the back to nature substrate. Is that unhealthy? I swing between being over clean and then I read leave them with a bit of their smell. Thanks.
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  • MouseLoverMouseLover Lemming
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    I think the frequency of cleaning will vary a lot, depending on the size of the environment and how many mice are in it, so it's hard to say whether it's too little. Back to nature is very good at absorbing pee and keeping the smell down, which is great.

    As long as you're doing your best at spot cleaning and things aren't getting whiffy, I'd think 2 weeks is fine.
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  • KawaiiKawaii Lemming
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    It depends. Spot cleaning is a must else you do need to clean out regularly (or litter training). But Prince is only done every 2-3 weeks (but he is litter trained). I'm not sure about mice though! 

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